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  • Coach E. Clark

Clark Sports and Social Club Black Owned Restaurant Tour: Kingston Grill Atl

Clark Sports and Social Club has been inspired by Atlanta Rapper "Killer Mike" to support more black owned establishments. We intend to bring awareness to more Black Owned businesses in the Atlanta area, so we made our first trip to Kingston Grill Atl a Jamaican restaurant located in Forest Park, Georgia. The food was "Delicious mon"!! For starters the jerk chicken egg rolls are awesome, we were able to sample the ox-tails tacos. The tacos were served with a mango salsa which give you an island vibe.

Kington Grill ATL has a small, but very delicious menu that includes Jerk Chicken, Curry Chicken, Ox-tails, and a Jerk pasta. Our group consensus was to try jerk chicken egg rolls, ox-tails tacos, and jerk wings for starters. For the main dish try the oxtails, or jerk pasta. The mango lemonade is the preferred drink of choice and for dessert we suggest the bread pudding. The restaurant has a nice ambiance with great Caribbean music playing while you eat.

The location is very intimate and there is limited seating on the inside. There is limited waiting area inside of the restaurant and we wouldn't recommend this place for large parties (more than 10) without calling ahead. At the time of our visit they did not have liquor licenses yet, so keep that in mind if you would like a cocktail with your meal. They do have a Rum Punch on the menu that we can not wait to try!

In conclusion, Clark Sports and Social Club enjoyed our visit to Kingston Grill ATL. We will definitely be patronizing this spot often. The owner is a nice guy that takes pride in his business. Be sure to check them out and let us know what you think.

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