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WE Pickle TOO: Pickleball is growing in the black community

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Have you been bit by the Pickleball craze? Pickleball has exploded in main stream popularity in the United States. It is a wonderful thing to see the Pickleball love being shared all over the word. I learned about Pickleball 20 plus years ago at Fort Valley State University a HBCU located in middle Georgia. When I began my Pickleball Instruction journey, I wanted to bring awareness to this great sport of Pickleball into black and brown communities. I knew the sport would improve social health, mental health and physical health. If you are new to pickleball, you should know that pickleball is mostly played by retirement aged adults. So, imagine ME a young Millennial hanging with his parents and grandparents begging for "1 more game" a common phrase you will hear on EVERY COURT. I would constantly ask myself Where are the young people? Where are the people who look like ME?

Coach Desmond Brown WePickle

Meet WE Pickle, a group of dedicated black Picklers who want to spread the love of pickleball throughout OUR community. Led by Desmond Brown the best Pickleball instructor out of Charleston, South Carolina. Coach Des is an IPTPA Certified coach and owner of WEPICKLE. Coach Des had a vision to serve the black and brown communities in the Charleston and North Charleston Area. He was able to collaborate with other like minded individuals from all over the united states to spread the Pickleball love.

Group Picture to coumarate event

Coach Des and a Pickleball enthusiast known as " Pickleball Harry" hosted a Wellness event that brought Pickleball players from Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Chicago, Michigan and the nations capital Washington D.C. The event featured clinics from Certified instructors, awesome Food Trucks, tickets to Juneteenth celebrations, a host of wellness vendors, and of course great completive Pickleball. WePickle 1st annual Juneteenth Pickleball was a success. I cant wait to see this vison grow and encourage more people to get active and play pickleball.

Coach E. Clark and Coach KC Kaydence Clark interview players from ALL over

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