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How much do YOU owe YOURSELF......EVERYTHING?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

For Coach LEE it all started with a burning desire. A desire to stop the complaining, stop the excuses, a desire to live INTENTIONAL-LEE. LEE was 210 pounds after her fourth child and she knew this was not the "best her" she could be. Coach LEE finally decided to make a commitment to her mind, body, and spirit.

She started working out 3 or 4 times a week. When it came to the gym she LOVED it. LEE was "straight BEAST-n through workouts" ,but she was not getting the results she wanted. WHY! you ask? She was still drinking sodas, coffee, sweet teas, and having a few adult beverages weekly. She wanted to be Summer time fine all year long. What did she have to do?

She had to make a commitment to the kitchen. Food for her was comfort, it made her feel "good".

Before she became committed to her food intake, she would stay using excuses we ALL can relate with, things like "I don't have the time to cook two separate meals" "I'll just eat what the kids eat" " Eating healthy is to expensive"

We ALL can relate to those negative thoughts. We probably all use those same excuses . LEE decided to research all types of food diet plans and detox remedies. She realized that they all could work if you remained TRUE to the process.

COMMITMENT is are hard concept for most people to grasp. It takes TIME, it takes PATIENCE, it takes SACRIFICE, but most of all you have to be INTENTIONAL with your actions. In order for Coach LEE to make the commitment she had develop a PLAN. You may have heard this alliteration phrase before 'Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance" We can agree that is a true statement.

Coach LEE started to Meal Prep for her self and she quickly started to see the results she wanted for herself. Her desire to help others who struggle with the same problems sparked "LIVING INTENIONALEE Meal Prep Guide. This guide helps you properly plan your meals based on you goals and eating habits.

When you purchase the guide not only do you get a notebook to help you plan for the YEAR. You are apart of an online community where they share recipes, struggle stories, success stories, discuss grocery store deals and keep each other motivated. They even meet up at local farmers markets and grocery stores to shop together. If you are looking to finally PAY YOURSELF and you would like to be apart of TEAM that wants you to win and will be there to encourage you IF you fall. Check Coach LEE out Her key phrase is "You owe yourself everything" and I agree. Try her today

follow her on Instagram @living_intenionalLEE

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