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Clark Sports and Social Club Black Owned Restaurant Tour : Sweet Tooth Fix at Sublime Doughnuts

Coach E. Clark of Clark Sports & Social Club took a trip to the heart of the City of Atlanta to visit Sublime Doughnuts. It is a quaint 24- hour doughnut shop located off 10th street near the Georgia Tech campus. Sublime Doughnuts is a staple in the Georgia Tech community. We have accepted rapper Killer Mike's challenge to support more black owned businesses.

I entered the quiet shop on a Saturday morning and instantly felt like I was in doughnut heaven filled with a large assortment of doughnuts.

The staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable about the many different flavors of doughnuts, helping me choose a few delightful treats. I decided to treat members of the Ava Armstrong Pickleball Club to a "custom dozen".

After a great Saturday morning burn from a few games of pickleball, we all were excited to try these tasty looking creations. We sampled each doughnut, and some of our favorites included Strawberry n' Creme, Caramel Apple Fritters, Frosted Croissants and the Oreo doughnut.

Clark Sports & Social Club will definitely be patronizing this local doughnut shop the next time we have a sweet tooth:-).

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